Hughes Family History

Charles Udall1909

Charles Udall
Birth of a son
Charles Prestwood John Udall
between July 1861 and September 1861
Note: 7b 474
Birth of a son
Henry Udall
Birth of a son
Frederick Udall
between July 1869 and September 1869
Note: 7b 537
Birth of a daughter
Florence Udall
between April 1871 and June 1871
Note: 7b 545
Marriage of a childCharles Prestwood John UdallSarah Millicent Claxton CairnsView this family
September 24, 1882
Marriage of a childEdmund Rushton ColebournFlorence UdallView this family
between October 1891 and December 1891
Note: 8b 313

Death before February 14, 1909


Owned the Villiers Hotel, Douglas, IOM.